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Dorssen is specialized in the installation of conveyor systems for the horizontal and vertical transport of goods in automated warehouses, logistics and distribution centres.

Rationalization and optimization of processes is one of the most important tasks of proper engineering. Therefore, Dorssen cooperates with clients at all project stages, which enables faster development and realization of new investments and the management of complex problems of existing investments. We carry out all phases with our own resources, from the deployment of new transport lines, implementation of maintenance works on existing facilities to start-up, testing and trial operation of new conveyor and storage systems (IBN).

With their expertise in the management of complex projects, experience and skills, our engineers enable a comprehensive and professional approach to the implementation of an investment, while ensuring a mutual compatibility of individual technological sets and functionality of the facility as a whole.

Team work of specialists of various disciplines and developmental orientation in all business processes enable a highly professional and high-quality execution of works within the agreed deadlines and a guarantee for a successful project implementation.


Installation of conveyor systems

Dorssen performs installations of floor and suspender conveyor systems, various special transport system solutions, which are tailored to the end customer and machinery and equipment that are part of the entire conveyor system (wrapping, stacking and un-stacking devices, etc.).


Between the others company installs following conveyor system elements, which are used for small cargo (boxes, cartons and cases):

  • roller conveyors,
  • belt conveyors,
  • stripe conveyors,
  • inclined conveyors,
  • gravity conveyors,
  • bend conveyors,
  • turntable conveyors,
  • transfer units,
  • separation units,
  • merger units,
  • lifting tables and
  • various cranes that provide vertical transportation and linking conveyors which are located in separate floors.


Conveyor belts of pallet conveyor system are wider, which allow transport of standard and non-standard pallets according to customer demand. Special version of the pallet conveyor system is the conveyor system for the automotive industry, where car bodies are conveyed instead of pallets.

Installation of the conveyor system for the transport of pallets consists of the following elements:

  • roller conveyors,
  • belt conveyors,
  • inclined conveyors,
  • gravity conveyors,
  • turntable conveyors and turntables,
  • transfer units and
  • lifting tables.

Installation of storage systems

Installations of storage systems performed by Dorssen consists of the installation and assembly of movable stacker cranes (RBG) and installation of storage carts (VW).

The installation of movable stacker cranes RBG and the related infrastructure include:

  • Installation of the lower running rail, which can be either screwed or welded, depending on the manufacturer.
  • Installation of the upper guide rail, which can also be screwed or welded (depending on the manufacturer).
  • Installation of the conductor rail, which is mounted parallel to the lower rail, so that the movable stacker crane can be powered by electricity.
  • Installation of accompanying components, which mainly include the equipment for the communication of the moving stacker crane, miscellaneous safety equipment with limit switches, circuit breakers (puffers), etc.
  • Installation and assembly of cranes.

In addition to the installation of stacker cranes RBS, the company also carries out installation of storage carts (VW), which are used to overcome long distances with the related infrastructure and other similar elements.


Installation of metal structures and guardrails

Installation of metal structures is mainly carried out together with other installations, which represents a competitive advantage of our company, since we can offer our clients a complete service. In accordance with the desires our customers we can also carry out those installations separately, without the inclusion of other sections of the project.

The installation of metal structures is divided into the following elements:

  • Platforms and other intermediate metal structures.
  • Passages, footbridges, staircases and other metal structures that allow safe passage to the opposite side of the line or to any floor.
  • Sub-constructions for the needs of conveyor and storage systems, production etc.

In the field of protective equipment we provide installations of guard rails, meshes and devices which prevent access to machines and devices such as movable stacker cranes (RBG), or ensure the safety of workers from falling goods. Our company also provides installations and set-up of collision and access prevention devices and other protective equipment. At the request of the customer, we equip protective equipment with safety switches, which report an error or stop the operation of the system in case of a passage / intrusion.

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